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Out core service, we provide quality lighting design and work collabritivly with your creative team. Our expert designers have years of experience that are applied to your performance or event.


We have expert lighting control technicans and programmers that take the designer’s vision and implement it quickly and accurently. Our team are also experts in show control and system design.


Quality, well maintained equitment provided at compettive prices. Our staff are on hand to help you spec your show.

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What our customers say about us….

"I've worked with John on a number of shows as Artistic Director of Putney Arts Theatre and would strongly recommend him as a highly capable stage lighting expert. His knowledge of the industry, technology and artistic best practice meant that the quality of the productions he has helped us produce have been of the highest standard. In addition to this John's energy, dynamism and friendly approach with cast and crew mean he becomes a part of the team that adds value beyond his core role."

Tom Sainsbury (Artisitic Director - Putney Arts Theatre)

"John provided, designed and operated the lights for the panto at The Putney Arts Theatre last year. He is extremely professional, reliable and knowledgeable. I found him very easy to work with, and very much look forward to working with John again in the future."

Jeff Graves (Director - Jack and the beanstalk)

"John Hart has designed, supplied and operated lighting for me twice in the last two years. I have always found him to be a creative professional with excellent interpretive skills. Having explained roughly what I have in mind, I am able to turn up at the technical rehearsal confident that everything will be in place ready to go. Any small changes that I then may be required are then quickly made with little fuss.
In my last production there was a very complicated sequence where lighting and sound had to be co-ordinated. The actors were well lit at all times and the critic was impressed."

Olwen Holme (Director - Guards Guards)

"I have worked with John since the very beginning of my youth academy. Not only does he work to an incredibly professional standard but he is also amazing with the young children in the academy. Youth academies present some challenges but John has always been very willing to embrace them and be flexible. I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone!!"

Emma Jones (Principle Director - DETAA)

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